Sexual favors couples over the arrest of women


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The lady Reddit under the nickname WorkingWife4 said that accidently hurt her husband’s heel during sex play. Her story gained popularity and caused a strong reaction of commentators.

According to the woman, her husband is a househusband caring for their children, and it works. The witness admitted that the wife has a fetish — he loves to kiss her feet and to lick your fingers. “I also get this kind of strange pleasure”, she said. To bring their game sharpness, it undermined the heels on their shoes.

Recently, in the framework of the game she is wearing high heel shoes, let him kiss her foot. Fascinated, the woman made an awkward motion, trying to lightly step on the open front of her husband, and strongly kicked him in the back. The man started bleeding, the couple had to call the doctor. Embarrassed circumstances, the woman told the doctors that I hit the husband in the fight.

“They called the police and had me arrested for domestic violence while my husband was discharged from the hospital and couldn’t convince the officers that actually happened. He was very confused, and the police kept saying to him that men can be mistreated” — shared WorkingWife4. According to her, both of them has never been so awkward.

At the same time, said the woman, earlier she was thinking about to use in their games knives, and now glad I did not. “Accidentally stabbed her husband during our morning sexual ritual. He was hospitalized and arrested me”, — she briefly described the incident. The woman noticed that the new shoes, the police still confiscated and not returned.

Commentators ridiculed the woman, seeing that lying to the doctors about the circumstances of the injuries was “the dumbest decision” ever. Many have suggested that the story was fictional, and noted that it seems too funny to be true. “Plot twist: she really beat him,” suggested the user yMeaning1349.

Previously, Reddit users shared the most strange ways of earnings. Many have noticed that sent money their photos. One of the girls said that for a fee of $ 60 hit the man in the groin because he asked her about it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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