Small dot on the nose of a woman was a cancer


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Point on the nose of the inhabitant of the English city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, turned out to be skin cancer. This publication reports The Mirror.

In 2017, the 37-year-old Mandy Pollard (Mandy Pollard) noticed in his nose a little mark, but did not attach any importance to this. When the tumor became more visible and started bleeding in the evening, the woman went to the doctor.

She expected that the doctor advise her to use cream. However, the surgeon reported that Pollard needs surgery to skin grafting, otherwise after 5-10 years, a woman will lose a nose. The doctor explained that dot is a tumor that corrodes the flesh of a woman.

During the operation, surgeons cut off part of the nose Pollard and closed the hole with a skin taken from a woman’s face. The patient is now waiting when it will become clear whether my operation. Otherwise, it may lose a large part of the nose.

Pollard said that almost never leaves home. When she goes to her parents, she closes her nose with hand, stopping at traffic lights so no one would see her wounds. She usually likes to dress nice, do makeup and wear false eyelashes, but she had to forget about it.

Pollard thanked his surgeon and explained that she shared her story to raise awareness about the dangers of sun exposure. She emphasized that it would be happy if at least one teenager learns about its history and think about the protection of your skin.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the English County of Worcestershire too long considered a cancer wart and did not receive timely treatment. The Briton rubbed “wart” over-the-counter cream and was hoping she would go away, but later she was diagnosed with melanoma.

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