Working without a license of a plastic surgeon killed the client and went to jail


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Working without a license of a plastic surgeon, as a result of actions of which died, the client was sentenced to a year in prison. Reported by the New York Post.

In may 2015, the 34-year-old television producer from Maryland Kelly Mayhew (Kelly Mayhew) died from systemic silicone embolism (blocking of blood vessels with silicone) after surgery for buttock augmentation.

The woman paid for the surgery 1.6 thousand dollars (102,1 thousand) 39-the summer citizen of great Britain Donna Francis (Donna Francis), who worked in new York city without a license. Beauty parlor she has equipped in his home in Queens. She used a silicone purchased on eBay, and operations are carried out on a massage table.

Immediately after the introduction of silicone Mayhew felt bad, but Francis refused to call an ambulance. A day after the client’s death, Frances returned to the UK, but in USA against her was prosecuted.

The woman was deported to the United States and brought to court. However, conditions of deportation, the maximum term to which she could be sentenced for manslaughter, was equal to year. Subject held in custody until court time, Francis will be able to be released in mid-April 2020. Relatives of the deceased were not satisfied with the punishment.

“If you can sleep when you killed a man, then you still. The murder just went with it!” — outraged mother Mayhew.

Earlier in October, 2019 36-year-old Louise Harvey (Louise Harvey) from Norwich, England, on the advice of doctors made two plastic surgeries at the same time and died. She came to the clinic with a request to increase her breast and tighten the skin of the abdomen, which had become flabby after the birth of her second son. In a medical facility she was asked to carry out both procedures at the same time because they were cheaper.

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