“Indiana Jones of the art world” found the stolen ring by Oscar Wilde


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The art critic Arthur Brand, known as the “Indiana Jones of the art world”, found a gold ring by Irish writer Oscar Wilde after 18 years after the theft, reports AFP.

The ring was kept in Magdalene College Oxford University, where he studied Wilde. In 2002, the decoration cost 40 thousand euros was stolen. The thief was found and arrested, but jewel was already sold to the scrap dealer for € 175, and it failed to find.

However, the Brand found loss with the help of friends and acquaintances with the underworld of London. He saw a Golden ring shaped buckle engraved with the Greek language and knew what it was. Magdalene College thanked the expert and said that this ring is going back to the memorabilia collection of one of the most famous alumni of the institution.

The publication notes that the critic has received worldwide fame in 2015 when he found the two statues bronze horses of one of the favorite sculptors of Hitler and Josef thorak. In March of this year he found a Picasso painting stolen 20 years ago on a yacht in France.

Ring weight 18-Karat, the form of which is similar to the belt buckle, the writer gave his friend from College in 1876. On the ring was engraved the inscription in Greek: “Gift of love someone who wants love”, and inside initials of friends in English.

Oscar Wilde — writer, playwright and poet, who gained worldwide fame after the publication of the novel “the picture of Dorian gray” in 1890. This is the only published writer of the novel, it was filmed more than 30 times.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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