It became known about long-term surveillance of the FSB accused of espionage by the American


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For the American Paul Whelan, who was arrested in Russia on charges of espionage, has installed surveillance in 2007. About it reports “Kommersant”.

How did you learn to reporters, Whelan, then a U.S. marine, was interested in FSB in first time visited Russia. His phone was tapped: in interviews, he said that is associated with the exploration and wants to get some secret information. Maybe he said it in jest, however, according to sources, he has actively established contacts with former and current intelligence officers.

It is reported that every year for 10 years came to Russia, typically in Moscow and St. Petersburg- and making new acquaintances. One of the new acquaintances as gift brought the book in absentia, convicted of treason former major General of the KGB Oleg Kalugin, signed by the author.

In June, Whelan called on the leaders of countries, citizen of which he is, to publicly support him. He has a US passport, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Paul Whelan was detained in Moscow on 28 December 2018. On removal from the USB flash drive was discovered information that constitutes state secrets. He was charged with espionage in favor of USA.

Lawyer Whelan claimed that the drive had personal information about his stay in Russia during previous visits, however, sources of Kommersant told that it supposedly was a list of the personnel of one of divisions of FSB.

Whelan believes his arrest in retaliation for anti-Russian U.S. sanctions. The Russian authorities have stressed that Moscow would not exchange it for those arrested abroad of Russian citizens.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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