Lottery winner squandered multimillion-dollar jackpot and became a miner


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A UK resident, won the lottery, 9.7 million pounds (about 798 million rubles at the current exchange rate), spent all my money on booze and became a miner. According to the Mirror, he feels happier.

Mickey Carol (Mickey Carroll) bought the lucky ticket for one pound in 2002, when he was 19 years old. Then he lived in the English County of Norfolk and worked as a garbage man. His wife was seven months pregnant.

As soon as Carol found out about the win, he gave a million pounds ($82.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate) to his mother, another million — uncle and aunt, who helped raise him after his father’s death. The man started spending a lot of money on entertainment, booze, drugs and prostitutes. The day he drank at least two bottles of vodka.

Because of this his wife left him. Carol gave her a million pounds and the same was handed to her mother.

The Briton noted that since the win around him a host of friends, and he was blowing money to impress them. Several times he appeared in court over drunken antics.

When Carol poorer, all his company turned against him. He was threatened several times by criminals and extortionists. “Money is the root of all evil. I understand that you can not trust anyone, even your fucking family,” said the man. In 2013, he lost all his money and house. It refused to hire because of the scandalous reputation.

Carol now works as a miner in the Scottish County of Maury. Despite the fact that a man spends in a coal mine for ten hours seven days a week, he admits that he feels happy because honestly earns his living. However, he noted that if he was given the opportunity to turn back time, he wouldn’t have to change anything. “It was the most fun and crazy ten years of my life,” he added. Carol admitted that continuing to play the lottery.

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