Named for avoiding the flu diet


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Ketogenic diet, high in fat and low intake of carbohydrates, helps protect the body against influenza virus A. a study of American scientists published in the journal Science Immunology.

In the experiment, scientists used two groups of rodents — experimental and control. The first week of infection with influenza A virus was planted on a ketone diet. The second diet was high in carbohydrates. Experts have observed that animals from the first group easily undergo the disease, in particular, they had higher survival.

The reason for the effectiveness of ketone diet with the disease, scientists see that a similar mode of nutrition activate cells of the immune system that contribute to the production of mucus, stopping the influenza virus A.

In July, the Military Times, citing representatives of the US Department of defense wrote that in the future the us military can put on a ketone diet, because the body is deprived of glucose and begins to burn its own stored fat.

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