Named ways to prevent the loss of life Isayev attack


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The cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeon Vladimir khoroshev commented on the death of the policy Nikita Isaev and told how to prevent a heart attack at a young age. The doctor gave an interview to “360”.

According to the specialist, which appeared at an early age, heart problems can be tracked. One of the symptoms he described feeling when during a brief heart attack “rises to the throat”. In addition, you should consult a doctor if there is a violation of rhythm.

The cardiologist advised insist on the survey, as a normal electrocardiogram can be lifted in the “safe period” and did not clarify. A good way to identify the problem, he called the daily monitoring of the electrocardiogram, which lasts 15-16 hours.

“It must be done, and then the possibility of sudden cardiac arrest is minimized. Then the person can live not a 41 year old 82 and even more”, — said the doctor. Also the doctor has advised to give up Smoking and alcohol.

Nikita Isaev died 16 Nov. He was 41 years old. He returned by train to the capital city of Tambov. He called an ambulance to the nearest station between uzunovo, but doctors pronounced him dead. It was later revealed that the cause of death of the policy could be cardiac arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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