Russia suggested a way of capturing the Baltic countries


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

Russia is able to occupy the Baltic States without a breakthrough Suvalki corridor connecting Belarus and Kaliningrad oblast runs through the border of Poland with Lithuania, RIA Novosti Belarusian political analyst Denis Melyantsou.

According to experts, the blocking by Russia of the Baltic States in case of military conflict does not necessarily require the use of tank columns pouring in Suvalki corridor.

“Enough to put on both sides of the missile defense system [missile defense], and volley fire. Now in the Kaliningrad exclave of the Russian dominate [complexes] PVO [air defence] and operational-tactical weapons, which crosses half of Europe”, says Melyantsou.

In November, Chinese portal wrote that in case of military conflict between NATO and Russia in the Baltic military Alliance can capture the Kaliningrad region not two weeks, but only for a couple of days. Thus in the publication responded to the October report of the senior researcher of Jamestown Foundation (USA) Dr. Richard hooker, according to which NATO countries can conquer the Kaliningrad oblast in two weeks.

In September the commander of the air forces of the USA in Europe Jeffrey Harrigan stated that the Pentagon has a plan to break through multi-layered air defense of the Kaliningrad region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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