The amount of payments to the families of the deceased and wounded in the shooting at the Blagoveshchensk


www.vsyako.netPlace of proisshestvie: Eugene Zemtsov / RIA Novosti

The family of the deceased and injured students in the shooting at the Annunciation College (Amur region) will receive a cash payment. This was reported on the website of the regional government.

From the reserve Fund of the government of the Amur region has been allocated 2.5 million rubles. This amount will be distributed among the families of the deceased and wounded three students.

It is also noted that in each municipality of the region was commissioned to create a psychological service to prevent such cases.

19-year-old Daniel Zasorin came to the College on the morning of November 14 with the pump gun IZH-81 hidden under outerwear. He went into the audience and opened fire on classmates. As a result one person was killed and three were injured. During a shootout with police Zasorin was wounded and hiding in one of the classrooms, the shooter committed suicide. Upon the incident criminal case about the murder, negligence and rendering services not meeting safety requirements.

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