The Russians called to restore burnt Notre Dame


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Julien Mattia/ RIA Novosti

Experts from Russia were invited to participate in the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral, which was badly damaged due to fire. This was announced by the Ambassador of France in Russia Sylvie Berman, her words leads RIA Novosti.

What will be the work of domestic experts and when they can proceed, is not specified. “I personally was very touched that the Russians with great compassion reacted to this,” said Berman.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame occurred in mid-April 2019. The fire destroyed a large part of the roof and spire. Plans to restore the building has not yet been agreed: the chief architect Philippe Villeneuve insists that to restore spire, and the President of France Emmanuel macron, on the contrary, he wants to take over the Cathedral towered contemporary design.

In mid-November, it resulted in a conflict with Villeneuve’s former chief of staff of the French army and the President’s representative that manages the restoration of the Cathedral of Jean-Louis Jorgelina. Last, advised the architect to “shut up”. The discussion on the spire was postponed until 2021. The French authorities plan to finish the renovation of the building for five years, which is at variance with the opinion of experts who believe that it could take decades.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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