The streets of Hong Kong came the soldiers of China


www.vsyako.netSoldiers of the Chinese Arietta: Associated Press

Soldiers of people’s liberation army (PLA) first appeared on the streets of Hong Kong since the beginning of anti-government protests — they were sent to dismantle the barricades. This reports the South China Morning Post.

Several dozen soldiers of the Hong Kong garrison came to one of the previously blocked by the demonstrators outside the University. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts, wheeled carts and carried a red bucket.

The soldiers gathered on the sidewalk, the bricks of which were built barricade, thus freeing the passage. In this they were helped by volunteers from the local community, as well as police and firefighters.

As told reporters one of the soldiers, the Hong Kong authorities did not ask them to do it. “We ourselves took part in it! To stop the violence and end the chaos — our task”, — quotes the edition of his words.

Hosted in Hong Kong contingent of the PLA last time I moved somewhere about a year ago — then about 400 Chinese soldiers helped local people deal with the consequences of the Typhoon.

During the protests, the participants of which perform including against Chinese authorities, a contingent of the Chinese army was ready to move to the center of the city and quell the uprising. It was declared by the representative of the defense Ministry of the PRC.

In June, more than a million Hong Kong residents took to mass protests over government plans to sign an extradition agreement with China, Taiwan and Macau. Ultimately, the government cancelled the bill, but the protests continued — they go for the fifth month.

Hong Kong from 1842 to 1997 was a British colony. He currently is part of China as a special administrative region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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