Two men rescued a woman from a rapist and raped her with friends


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mansi Thapliyal / Reuters

In the Indian city of Noida woman raped and beaten by five men for half a kilometer from the police station. This publication reports the Hindustan Times.

Wednesday, November 13, around 20:30 local time wished to remain unknown 21-year-old Indian went to meet with a friend named Ravi (Ravi), who promised to help her get a job. The Indian took her to the Park and tried to rape her. The women’s screams were heard by two men, they stopped Ravi and beat him up.

After the man ran away, two Indians, identified by police as Guddu (Guddu) and Shamu (Shamu) are themselves abused victim. They called three of his friends, and they too in turn raped the woman, and then beat her.

When the criminals left, the woman managed to get to the police station and tell them what happened. It was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors say that her life is not in danger, but she is in a state of shock.

Police managed to arrest on charges of raping three friends Guddu and sham, they themselves has not yet been found. Ravi was also taken into custody for attempted rape.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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