Declassified documents about Soviet assistance in the liberation of Slovakia from the Nazis


www.vsyako.netPhoto: defense Ministry

The Ministry of defense published declassified documents about the red army of the Slovak national uprising in 1944. Publication “Red flags of Banska Bystrica with” on the Agency’s website dedicated to the 75th anniversary events.

Slovak national uprising began on August 29, 1944, three weeks it covered a third of the country. The documents indicate that the fall in Slovakia there were 42 of the guerrilla group, their headquarters are in Banska Bystrica. Only in battles with the Nazis was attended by about 60 thousand people.

Slovak commanders turned to the red army to help the rebels with weapons, ammunition, airborne troops and aviation, as well as to assist in the management of the fighting.

From documents follows, that in September, the commanders of the 1st and 4th Ukrainian fronts received marching orders on the Slovak border. There the red army had to join the Slovak soldiers and partisans who fought against the German invaders. The offensive was to begin no later than 8 September.

The declassified papers contain descriptions of the situation in the affected areas of the Slovak partisans and the attitudes of local residents. “Slovak soldiers and officers really hate the Germans and eager to quickly clean up their country from the invaders with the help of the red army, which they look forward to. The population admires the red army, its victories and thanks for the help in the creation of the Czechoslovak corps in the Soviet Union”, — stated in the documents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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