Detected crimes by British soldiers against civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michaela Rehle / REUTERS

The command of the British army concealed the crimes committed by its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is stated in a joint investigation by The Sunday Times and Panorama programme of a broadcasting company “bi-Bi-si”.

From the documents, obtained by journalists that the military had falsified data to cover up the murder committed by a soldier of a special squad of SAS, as well as the torture and rape of prisoners the Scottish infantry battalion of the Black Watch. It is specified that one of the crimes was the shooting of a commando in Afghanistan in their house. The case was investigated by the Prosecutor’s office, however, the punishment for murder, no one has been.

One of the participants of the investigation says that he has always felt pressure from the British Ministry of defence: it was trying to close down inconvenient Affairs and to prevent their transfer to the Prosecutor or the court.

Earlier in may, it was reported the British Jack Lettce, also known as Jihadi Jack, who joined the happy banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” and planned to personally decapitate served in the British army a school friend. Letts said his parents that the attack on the British army — a very commendable action.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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