Firefighting turned out to blogers hatred on the Internet


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Australian blogger, Sarah Stevenson (Sarah Stevenson) wanted to help the victims of the fires compatriots in an unusual way. However, her idea of collecting charity only angry subscribers, the newspaper reports

Stevenson has published on his page storis, which was promised within 48 hours to donate to the victims on the dollar with each purchase of its products. However, subscribers did not appreciate her intentions and accused the girl of trying to capitalize on tragedy.

After you hit her blogger critics tried to explain. According to Stevenson, the users did not understand her good intentions. She explained that originally wanted to create a page on the platform for crowdfunding. But because these many initiatives, she decided to help the victims “funny” way.

After that, the fans got mad at Stevenson even more. Some of them pointed out that making such statements, it is better to think first, and asked blogers to be more responsive to those who suffered in the fires.

However, there were also those who supported the girl. “The idea of donations great and should be adopted by each Australian brand or business. Haters will hate! Keep doing good things, and we’ll handle the haters,” wrote one user. As a result, the Australian decided to end the dispute with your subscribers, but profits with the victims is not shared.

In early November the Australian state of New South Wales broke out forest fires. The fire killed four people, six thousand were evacuated. Tens of thousands of people are in a state of readiness for evacuation.

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