Published secret documents of the Communist party of China about the camps for Muslims


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The New York Times published more than 400 pages of internal documents of the Communist party of China (CPC), of which it is possible to trace the re-socialization of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR).

In particular, in the placed documents that were “collected obscure way” and released edition of one of the anonymous representatives of the Chinese leadership, according to the recommendations of the local officials. So, the text contains advice on how to respond to the outrage of relatives of missing persons (mostly Uyghurs), which, presumably, was placed in the so-called educational camps. The response should include information that “they are in a training school established by the government, which they cannot leave”, and the behavior of their family plays a role in when they can break free. “If they do not pass training, they will never fully understand the danger of religious extremism”, — such an explanation should give the officials.

In disclosed documents also contain sensitive personal instructions of General Secretary XI Jinping (96 pages) and the first Secretary of the CCP in Xinjiang Chen cuango, which is called the main ideologist of the campaign for the re-education of Muslims. So, the first in 2014 after a series of attacks called upon to act as “firmly and mercilessly”, as the militants, and the second constantly encouraged to keep the “everyone must be detained”. In this case, XI rejected the idea completely eradicate Islam.

In September it became known that the Chinese authorities have started to destroy mosques and minarets. The destroyed buildings in the provinces Henan, Gansu, the region of Inner Mongolia and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous region.

In June, the Chinese authorities denied the information about the torture of prisoners in camps of Muslim Uighurs. The error is that “centres of education and training” described as concentration camps.

In August 2018, the UN Commission on human rights reported that at least one million members of ethnic minorities is contained in the closed camps in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region of China, where they were allegedly re. People are forced to sing revolutionary songs, to study the ideas of Chinese President XI Jinping, speaking non-native Chinese language. The existence of camps, the official Beijing explains the prevention of terrorist activities in the region. At the same time, those who went through rehabilitation, they say that people in the camps were tortured.

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