The teacher brought on Board obscene letter and shocked students


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Professor of sociology of the College in the English town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, accidentally brought a Frank letter to his sweetheart through a projector on the Board during class. This publication reports The Scottish Sun.

The teacher, whose name is unknown, during a class in sociology on Wednesday, November 13, that was shown through a projector on the Board a letter instead educational materials. In it the teacher in obscene terms praised the appearance of his girlfriend.

Some students photographed the letter and began to share them in social networks. One of the students wrote that totally shocked that a professional could make such a mistake.

The College immediately removed the teacher from the classroom for the investigation and sent to parents and guardians of students a letter of apology. Director and Executive Director of the College Andrew Kropli (Andrew Cropley) said the letter was displayed on a blackboard, inadvertently.

Earlier it was reported that in the Chinese city of Chang’an, Guangdong province, visitors to the hospital that was shown on the TV screen a porn film. The footage, shot by a witness, shows how the dental Department of the clinic for the TV broadcast scenes, while among the visitors you can see women and children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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