Ukrainian medicine has predicted the collapse when Zelensky


www.vsyako.netVladimir Zilinskaite: RIA Novosti

Health care reform in Ukraine is the most undesirable scenario and will lead to dire consequences. This was stated by a former adviser to the Minister of health of the country Yevgeny Nystatin in your Facebook account.

He explained that the campaign promise of President Vladimir Zelensky on the system of mandatory health insurance (MHI) is still not implemented. In addition, the country is not economically reproducible tariffs for medical services and state-guaranteed insurance policy for medical support. Also, according to Distatica, “the hospital network is formed based less than a tank of gas” per person per year.

All this will lead to the fact that public health will remain reinvestable, and health as a function to address the causes of ill-health will formally become a privilege of the upper third of the economic classes, said the former adviser to the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. “There will be a final Exodus of intelligent professionals from state institutions. All indicators of the health of the country (quality, access, and security) will become worse,” he added.

In August, Ukraine had the head of the Ministry of health: instead of holding this position three years, Uliana Suprun was appointed Zorina Skalecka. Suprun was repeatedly criticized Zelensky. In one interview, he jokingly thanked God for the fact that the Minister is not his doctor, and request for extension of lustration laws to all the old leadership, the President hinted at the incompetence Suprun, Recalling her post about the properties of cherries.

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