A woman hit the jackpot and spent it on breast augmentation myself and sisters


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A resident of the English town of Whitley Bay, Tyne and wear, won three million pounds in the lottery (248,5 million) and spent the money on breast augmentation myself and two sisters. This publication reports The Mirror.

After winning 36-year-old Sarah Cockings (Sarah Cockings) spent almost 10 thousand pounds (827,8 thousand) for the operation for breast enlargement for two of his sisters — 37-year-old Emma (Emma) and a 32-year-old Alex (Alex). Two years later she did the same thing myself. Now people stop her on the street and ask: “is This the lottery chest?”.

Also Cokings bought a house for parents and a Mini Cooper and Range Rover Sport. In addition, she was reinstated at the University, as her mother wanted to decorate the mantel picture with prom daughter.

The Briton noted that her six-year-old eldest son tells everyone that his mother had won the lottery. She stressed that despite buying a house and car to live a normal life and not spend money for nothing.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the English city of new Tredegar, in the County of Carville, learned that he won the lottery in a few minutes after she was told that she was healed from breast cancer. The news so shocked the woman that she went into the bathroom and lay there for two hours trying to understand everything that happened.

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