Apartments in Moscow have ceased to rise in price because of the subway


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Denis Voronin / AGN “Moscow”

The launch of new metro stations in Moscow ceased to significantly affect the cost of housing. This is stated in the materials of the Agency “MIEL”, arrived in edition “”.

If 10 years ago with the opening of the station prices nearby apartments rose by 10-15 percent, but now we can say the growth is not more than 3-5 percent, analysts say. “The opening of new stations probably increases the demand and liquidity, not cost per square meter”, — they point.

According to experts, the drop in the importance of the subway was facilitated by two factors. First, many of the stations are currently open in areas with good transport accessibility, sometimes duplicating existing path. Due to this significantly unloaded line, however, dramatically improve the traffic situation does not occur. Therefore, there is no and rising prices.

Secondly, the owners of the apartments already since the announcement of the new station lay in the cost of the “square” the fee for the subway. “Re-raise, even in remote locations with poor transport accessibility, it is unlikely,” they concluded in “MIEL”.

In August of this year it became known that by 2028, the ninth in the Russian capital it is planned to construct not less than 80 metro stations. Only until 2023, the city will put into operation the 135 kilometers of lines and 55 metro stations and six depots.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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