Bolivia have predicted a civil war


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Henry Romero / Reuters

Bolivia after the change of power can wait for a civil war. This opinion was expressed to leave the country, the former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in an interview with EFE 17.

According to Morales, the current crisis, which has already killed about 20 people, could be the beginning of the civil war: he believes that in Bolivia, there are paramilitary groups that incite violence. The former President called on Bolivians to “national dialogue” and separately asked their supporters not to resort to violence.

According to Reuters, in Bolivia, the protests of supporters of Morales: they blocked a major highway, which in some areas of the country famine and fuel shortages. Are clashes of protesters with police.

Evo Morales announced his resignation on November 10, amid the ongoing protests, and then took refuge in Mexico, along with other members of the government. He called the incident a coup d’etat and said he was ready to return to the country.

Riots in Bolivia started after the announcement of the results of the presidential elections, which took place on 20 October. Them victory in the first round was won by Morales. His opponent, former President Carlos Mesa, did not recognize the voting results. The authorities have accused of rigging the results.

Russia has recognized the interim President of Bolivian opposition Senator Jeanine Agnes. In Moscow called the events that led to the resignation of Morales, is equivalent to the coup, however, considered the situation as an internal affair of the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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