Carried out unique operations to Russian children doctor fired


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Russia’s only physician transplant surgeon Michael Kaabak, conducted the kidney transplant infants, as well as his colleague Nadezhda Babenko were dismissed from the Russian scientific center of surgery named after academician Petrovsky for adults (Petrovsky national research center) after claims doctors used the drug. All operations at the research center have been cancelled, reports Business FM.

It is noted that the formal reason for the dismissal of physicians became not claim to the induction scheme of immunosuppression (use of drugs that weaken the immune system and prevent transplant rejection — approx. “Of the”), which is not approved by the Ministry of health, and the absence of betting in the children’s center. However, Kaabak sure that the matter is in doubt the chief of the Ministry of health transplant surgeon Sergei Gautier regarding the drug.

“The Institute at the Gauthier children weighing less than nine pounds never had an operation before. And I understand why they did not operate. Because there are physiological limits. If they’re going to try, they probably will get the same that we received when we started: a very difficult problem. I hope they still will use the schema that we have developed for more than 10 years,” said Kabak.

Parents left without operation kids has created a petition to keep the team of doctors capable of conducting unique transplantation in children. “More than 75 children are left without the surgery and die slowly at home… We, the parents of children who have already experienced hell, intensive care, surgery and other horrified parents who have experienced the feeling when you don’t know, but will there be the morning your child… We have found their doctors who rescued and save the lives of children who are abandoned the rest” — say the authors of the petition. At the time of publication it was signed by over 270 thousand people.

According to the surgeon, the transplant coordinator Konstantin Gubarev, the drug to which the Ministry of health there are questions, widely used in Europe and Canada. “Even despite the fact that the annotations of this drug is not written indication for transplantation. But there are other drugs which in the abstract is not written that it is indicated for organ transplantation, but it is used”, — he said, stressing that Kaabak really the only in Russia does the transplant, the children with low weight.

Earlier it became known that the National medical research center of children’s health (our center) about 40 of patients weighing up to six pounds was left without transplants because of the claims used by doctors the drug. The Agency Director Andrey Fisenko knew about the scheme, but, according to Kabaka, he called the chief transplant surgeon, Ministry of health and Gauthier stated that it is impossible to use these drugs.

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