Collectors asked for protection from lying to debtors


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Grigory Sobchenko / “Kommersant”

Collectors have proposed legislation to prohibit the debtors to enter claimants to mislead and humiliate their honor and dignity. The relevant amendments to the bill on the collection developed a self-regulating organization “national Association of professional collection agencies” (NAPCA), writes “Kommersant”.

We are talking about amendments to a new law that from 2021 to replace the current version of the rules on recovery of debts of physical persons. The collectors sent out amendments to creditors with a request to study the proposal. After the collectors and creditors will discuss the amendments, the amended version of the law will submit to the Ministry of justice and the Federal service of bailiffs.

In the amendments, the collectors note that the current version of the law gives preferential treatment of debtors. For example, it is proposed to establish obligatory pre-judicial order of debt collection. In addition, the debtor shall compensate the losses and moral harm.

However, collectors suggest to prescribe in the document and the debtor’s obligation not to enter claimants misleading, not to humiliate their honor and dignity, oblige the debtor to use the originally specified email address when sending to the claimant a notification. If the debtors fail to comply with these requirements, it is proposed to oblige them to reimburse collectors.

In NAPCA noted that the document needs to defend the interests and to ensure the protection of both parties. The President of the organization Elman Mehdiyev noted that when the complaints of debtors to the plaintiff is confirmed only every tenth. Often debtors complaining on the collectors only with the purpose to pay the debt.

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