In the Caucasus will create centers to comprehend the basics of art


www.vsyako.netOdes Baysultanov (right)Photo: @baysultanov_odes

In the Chechen capital Grozny and Dagestan Derbent opens development centres of national crafts of the North Caucasus. This was announced by first Deputy Minister of Russia on Affairs of the region odes Baysultanov on the page in Instagram.

According to him, the new institutions will, in particular, organized seminars and lectures with the participation of experts in marketing, art & production design, promotion and Economics of culture, as well as numerous creative workshops.

“Everyone will be able to grasp the basics of folk art of the Northern Caucasus”, — said Baysultanov, noting that the model for such centers is expected to expand to other cities in the region.

The initiative is being implemented under the national project “Culture”, for which a dedicated 113,5 billion. It includes three Federal programs: “Cultural environment”, “Creative people”, “Digital culture”. In accordance with the purposes of the project until 2024 will be equipped art schools and schools of musical instruments, equipment and instructional materials, creation and overhaul of cultural and leisure facilities in rural areas, acquisition of mobile multifunctional cultural centers for the maintenance of the rural population, digitization of film content on digital media of the Gosfilmofond of Russia, as well as create virtual concert halls.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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