Named the most dangerous for travel in 2020


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Next year the most dangerous travel destinations will be countries in Africa, Latin America and the Gulf States. This is evidenced by “Map travel risks” (Travel Risk Map), which warns about the potential dangers abroad in the field of personal safety, road traffic and medicine, writes the Daily Mail.

Among the leaders especially unreliable for travelers countries were Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Venezuela. According to experts, there in 2020 are forecasted high risks for all three indicators.

Dangerous to the health of tourists, the experts called Niger, Guinea, Republic of Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, Eritrea and Central African Republic. The risk to personal safety is present in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and some parts of Nigeria, and the threat of having an accident in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The safest countries in the world, according to experts, are Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Greenland. Minimal health risks the next year is projected in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Japan. The most reliable within the framework of personal security will be Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia and most European countries, Japan, Australia and New Zealand is extremely low, the likelihood of becoming involved in an accident.

In Russia, all of these potential hazards are projected at the average level.

On 5 September, experts from the world economic forum in the framework of the international rating of tourist competitiveness of The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 stated that Finland is the safest country in the world for tourists. In second place was Iceland, followed by Oman.

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