One careless compliment the guy revealed the truth about disability girls


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters

A Reddit user with the nickname TinyMeatGang1 accidentally found out about the disability of an unknown girl by giving her a compliment. She was embarrassed, but not offended, turn it into a joke. The story became popular on Reddit, gaining more than 66 thousand comments.

According to nick, he met a girl at a party. He saw her across the room and noticed that in one hand she holds a drink, and another, as it seemed, reached into the pocket of the skirt.

TinyMeatGang1 decided to do a girl a compliment about the skirt. “Many women complain about the lack of pockets, so it’s very progressive,” said he to the stranger.

“My skirt doesn’t have pockets, why would you think that?” she asked in confusion. During the conversation it turned out that the girl is not holding a hand in the pocket of her arm amputated.

TinyMeatGang1 immediately apologized for his words, but she was not offended, and found his remark funny. She added that previously no one didn’t tell her that.

Earlier on Reddit became popular story about how a girl left home boifrenda one given to them, careless of the issue. The hero of the story has questioned the knowledge of the girl and ran into the criticism of the users of this resource.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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