Poroshenko going to strip immunity


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The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine (GBR) informed the Prosecutor General’s office that former President of Petro Poroshenko will get the status of a suspect in two criminal cases is the status of the witness. This information is published on the official website of RRT.

RRT investigation concerns possible improper influence on the conduct of the competition for the selection of candidates for the appointment of members of the High Council of justice in March-may 2019. These actions are qualified under articles about the violent seizure of power and the abuse of the judicial position.

In addition, the RRG was sent to the state office of public Prosecutor the petition for removal of parliamentary immunity with the policy and bringing him to the criminal case. The Supervisory authority must obtain a permit in the Verkhovna Rada.

The Department explained that the information sent to the Prosecutor disclosed a document in connection with the “high attention to the investigation of criminal proceedings” is a member of Poroshenko.

Only GBR has opened 12 criminal cases, involving Poroshenko. They concern the possible treason, the legalization of the criminal proceeds offshore and the likely interference with the judiciary. Also, the Agency is conducting an investigation of probable violations of the law when entering the Ukrainian ships in Russian territorial waters near the Crimea in November 2018. At the moment all of these cases it was held as a witness.

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