The murder of champion in Thai Boxing tied with kingpin Ando Lame


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A former Thai boxer Ashot Bolena was shot in Moscow in retaliation for the murder of the thief in the law by Andranik Harutyunyan. This was reported by the newspaper “Zhoghovurd”.

According to the newspaper, the authority was killed in the yard of a house in Yerevan, 3 July, late in the evening. During the investigation, investigators determined that the crime involved Bolan, who owed the casino 300-350 thousand dollars. The owners are unable to get the boxer of the debt and appealed to the thief in the law. The authority solved the problem and got the money from Bolena, and he ordered his murder.

According to the newspaper “Primkin”, Harutyunyan was known in criminal circles as Ando Lame or > > > Andik Maszewski. He was shot four times in the head, two in the shoulder and one in the back. The killer opened fire, when the authority was sitting in the yard gazebo in the company of several men. The investigative Committee of Armenia considers a crime of custom. In the suspected murder of 32-year-old resident of Grozny.

13 Nov Bolena killed near his own Infiniti car at the house on Nakhimovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The body was found by a local resident, parkovaci car. The shooter used a silencer. Residents of the house near which the body was found, shots heard.

Bolan known to participate in Amateur and professional fights in Thai Boxing. Three times he became the world champion among fans under version WPKA. In addition, he won the Asian Cup in Thai Boxing under version IPMTF.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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