The weak point of Russia called its inhabitants


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Despite its mightily, Russia has several weaknesses. This is stated in the article Chinese edition Sohu, which published the translation of “InoSMI”.

The article States that Russia is among the three strongest world powers, especially due to the vast territory and military power. However, the country has four weaknesses. First, the publication describes the population: after the collapse of the USSR the number of Russian citizens barely reached 140 million. “The area of Russia is of 17.07 million square kilometers and a population of 140 million people that world power is not in status”, — stated in the material.

Another weakness of the Russia referred to the difficulties in management of multinational people. As noted, the management people “expensive” because the differences between them, including religious, “represent a hidden threat to internal stability.”

The monoorientation of economy and unfortunate geographical location are also weak points of the Russian Federation, says the article. “In stabilising the world situation today, when the economy is becoming more important for Russia with its weak economic development is doomed to fail,” added the authors.

The last in the list of weaknesses has become a complex international environment. According to journalists, the United States put pressure on Russia and Eastern Europe do not have positive emotions associated with it.

Earlier, in October, Sohu reported that the United States is not attacking Russia because of its nuclear capability. It was noted that Washington fears Moscow even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “In the coming decades the US will not dare even to glance in the direction of Russia”, — stated in the material.

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