Tourists swim in an African lake and has lost feeling in his legs


www.vsyako.netLake Malavita:

British tourist almost died because of parasites that got into his body after a swim in one of the African waters. It is reported by The Sun.

32-year-old James Michael (James Michael), along with his three friends in August 2017, was travelling in South-East Africa. For five days they, in particular, rested on lake Nyasa, swim and go Canoeing.

Returning to England, he noticed that he began to lose feeling in both legs, and at first chalked it up to fatigue Cycling. But after it became difficult even to climb the stairs, the man went to the doctors. Some time later he also became a major rash on back and arms.

Subsequently, the doctors found that Michael had contracted schistosomiasis is a tropical infection caused by worms-parasites that live in fresh water. Presumably, they entered his body through the sexual organs and began to lay eggs that result gave complications in the spine and, as a consequence, influenced the sensitivity of the lower extremities.

The doctor has appointed Briton a course of medicines, he spent a long time in a wheelchair and then on crutches. According to doctors, the pathogen has been destroyed, but the patient remained severely weakened. According to the forecast, the probability that Michael will recover fully, is 30 percent. It is expected that this will happen not earlier than in ten years.

On 14 June it was reported that the yoga teacher from the United States drowned in the Dominican Republic, becoming the eighth American tourist who died on a tropical island for the last few months. The body of 42-year-old Surly Miller found in the water near the beach in Puerto Plata local fisherman.

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