Became the mother of the father of the sisters Jenner appeared in a TV show in a bikini


www.vsyako.netCaitlin Generik: video “ITV”

70-year-old father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who changed sex and became a woman named Kathleen Jenner, appeared on the TV show I’m Сeleb (“I’m a celebrity”, similar to “the Last hero” — approx. “Of the”) in a bikini. It is reported by The Sun.

Jenner became one of the first participants, which washed under a makeshift rain shower. For this she wore a black bikini. Twitter users were fascinated by the appearance of women.

“Hats off to Kathleen Jenner, who showed off her body in a bikini,” wrote one user with the nickname nickycafc. Another spectator of the show said that Jenner at 70 years old looks better in a bikini than she is.

In August of this year Kathleen Jenner messed up daughters, congratulating the younger on his birthday. Kathleen has published in his Instagram picture with little Kendall in honor of the birthday of Kylie. “Life in those days was so simple, but life is good now. Happy birthday to my baby girl Kylie Jenner”, signed publication Caitlin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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