Earned on “Their game” the millions of dollars the players wanted more money


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The most successful American television quiz Jeopardy! (a prototype of the Russian “jeopardy”), Ken Jennings (Ken Jennings), Brett Rutter (Brad Rutter) and James Holzhauer (James Holzhauer) will compete with each other for new cash prize. It is reported by The New York Times.

All three are known as Champions of the project. Jennings won 74 games in a row in 2004, he earned about $ 2.5 million. Rutter during participation in the project in the amount of earned more — 4.7 million dollars, but he has not won more than five games in a row. Holzhauer became the star of the game show in the year 2019, by updating the scoring record for one game. He won 32 times in a row and earned over two million dollars.

Under the terms of a special competition among the three participants, the winner that participant who will win three games in a row. The editions will be broadcast from the beginning of 2020. The quiz there is no limit to the number of releases. Jennings, Rutter and Holzhauer will compete for the Grand prize of one million dollars and the title of “greatest player of all time”. Winners will receive 250 thousand dollars respectively.

Jeopardy! American game show-a quiz, in Russia, it is analogous to “jeopardy”. The participants answer questions in the field of General knowledge. Each is presented in the form of assertions about the object, phenomenon, or person. The player needs to understand what or whom it referred.

One of the participants of the project, Holzhauer previously revealed his secret of permanent victories. A professional card player from Las Vegas, explained that the technique of games in a game show akin to card games. American said that first selects the questions for which you can get more money. According to him, thus even easier to find a special category, which doubles all earned wins.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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