From the water the capital of Russia left the water


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In Saint-Petersburg — the city which is called water or marine capital of Russia, is a rapidly decreasing water level in the Neva river and the Gulf of Finland. This was reported by “the St. Petersburg diary”.

According to the portal on November 18, the water level in the Neva river in the center of the Mining University (located on Vasilievsky island) fell by 23 centimeters. In the Gulf of Finland on two navigation structures, it decreased by 35 and 36 inches. The water departed in the other rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, the newspaper notes, in particular, walking along the embankment of the Karpovka — sleeves of the Neva river can now effortlessly consider the bottom of the river.

Professor of Russian state hydrometeorological University Valery Malinin said “Diary” that the eviction of water is probably due to the wind of East directions, shoaling has occurred due to the fact that the last time he blew constantly in the city. “But this is purely a temporary phenomenon, as soon as the wind will change, everything will return to normal,” — said the expert.

In early September of this year, the state of emergency was introduced in Yakutsk from-for sharp decrease in the water level in the river Lena. He fell below standards at 2.5 meters. One of the reasons for the shallowing meteorologists called forest fires, the smoke from which was eating away the clouds that prevented the rains.

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