Guy secretly poisoned his beloved in the network and had the reputation of a psychopath


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Edgar Su / Reuters

The lady Reddit under the nickname ThrowRA13457889 told how boyfriend secretly left negative comments under her articles. The post girls scored more than 45 thousand likes.

She explained that placing their photo in multiple sections of the site devoted to makeup. The girl complained that along with the positive reviews always get offensive comments that “her makeup is disgusting and she is ugly, and cosmetics can not hide it”.

In addition, some comments stated that the girl should kill herself, and when you look at her face sick. The lady added that he also received a message, whose author claimed to know where she lives and learns. According to ThrowRA13457889 occurring greatly hurt her feelings. She tried several times to create a new account, but it didn’t help.

Then she noticed on the phone boyfriend app on Reddit and decided out of curiosity to view the contents of the phone while he was sleeping. She found that he was the author of a negative review of her. The lady wrote that he was scary — the guy always comforted her during the tales of the antics of trolls.

Many users advised the girl immediately throw the guy. “This all smacks of the behavior of a psychopath. I’d drop it as soon as possible,” wrote Flarebear99. “I would be with him did not discuss, even in private conversation. He has serious psychological problems,” — expressed his opinion Rapunzel2018.

Earlier on Reddit has become a popular story about how a married man had an accident due to the fact that staring at women’s Breasts. According to the wife, like her husband is not the first time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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