Livid due to the narrow rings the bride’s finger confused network users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the group “That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming” in Facebook

The ring finger of the anonymous bride is all swollen and blue from too narrow an engagement ring and scared users of the network. Photo her hands were in a Facebook group That’s It I’m Ring the Shaming (“That’s how I made a mockery of the rings”), which is usually making fun of the ridiculous decorations.

“Who will sacrifice their finger for the sake of an ugly ring?” — signed the published participant community.

Subscribers were horrified by the appearance of the bride’s finger. “What could speak more of your love than amputated finger?!” — irony one of the users. “How did she even wearing it?” — surprised another. “I’m more interested in how she took it? It seems, not without calling an ambulance or amputation!” — scared for the bride’s third. One of the participants of the group suggested that the owner of the ring was pregnant, so approaching her earlier ring was not enough.

The user who published the post, wrote later that the accessory had to be cut, but the finger of a girl was not injured.

Earlier in November, an unknown woman shamed in a social network of untidy manicure, when she wanted to show off her engagement ring. The picture shows the left hand of a lady with a ring, decorated with three stones on the ring finger. Her nails are covered with a thick layer of varnish pink, crimson and purple flowers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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