Named the most effective ways to cope with depression


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Reddit users listed the action, helping to distract from the realization that life is not as good as I would like. Thread on this subject gained more than 70 thousand likes.

Many admitted that to cope with the depression helps them walk in the fresh air. User 4rshmall0wMan told that takes a little bit of money and goes around the city aimlessly. Thus he always manages to find unusual café or interesting shop.

For the commentator Dildobagginsworth a crucial part in the walk is the pace at which people. “Sometimes it’s good to focus only on thoughts about the pace. You keep the rhythm and gradually enter into the free zone from home and work problems,” he explained.

The user Its1020am recommend other users to do the outline, and then paint them. Misstori1, in turn, wrote that in moments of sadness he paints dead animals other Reddit users, and then sends them pictures.

Commentator Confused_Orangutan advised to deal with depression using high-speed cleaning. “Set a timer for five minutes, remove everything you can, repeat every day,” he wrote. For Maipie95 salvation from boredom is cooking. WizardofStaz advised to prepare vegetable soup. He’s trying to finely chop each vegetable and inhale the aroma of food while it is cooking. According to the user, so taking care of yourself has a great effect.

User GasmaskGelfling told about his unusual hobby — feeding crows. He throws them unsalted peanuts, while walking dogs or waiting for the bus. According to the user, some birds are already eating out of his hand.

Earlier on Reddit became popular thread in which couples talked about the strange things that are together. The publication received thousands of responses.

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