Russia regained their children from prisons of terrorists in Iraq


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ammar Awad / Reuters

Humanitarian operation to return from Iraq of Russian children was successfully completed. This was announced by the Ambassador of Russia in Iraq Maxim Maximov, writes TASS.

EMERCOM of Russia evacuated on a special flight from Baghdad last group of 32 children. The process lasted from the evening of 18 November and into the night. Children convicted of terrorism Russians held in Iraqi prisons, and now they all returned home. Maximov said that less than a year, Moscow has returned 122 children.

The Ambassador stressed that now in Iraq there are no more Russian children, however, the Embassy is ready to continue the return of their citizens, if need be. At the moment the greatest difficulties arose from the fact that many children had no identity documents.

Maximov added that the Iraqi authorities have strongly contributed to the return of Russian children, however, the operation was threatened because of the aggravated situation in the country. “I can honestly say that until the last moment were afraid that if there will be a new escalation of the protests, we have to quickly move the date of export of minor Russian citizens”, — said the Ambassador.

Earlier it was reported that immediately upon arrival the children will take the national medical research Center of children health Russian Ministry of health. There, they must pass a comprehensive examination.

In 2017, has been formed the interdepartmental Commission on the issue of facilitating the return of children who were in the combat zone. The problem of the presence of Russian children in Iraq has arisen due to the fact that some Russians fought on the side of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). They have had babies, many of whom were orphaned.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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