Soups have been useful against the deadly disease


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Scientists at Imperial College London have found that some meat and vegetable soups can interrupt the life cycle of a dangerous parasite Plasmodium falciparumthat causes malaria. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

The researchers analyzed 56 samples of the soups are homemade, the recipes were passed down from generation to generation and was used to treat fevers. The filtered extracts were incubated for 72 hours with different cultures of P. falciparum. It turned out that five broths can really slow down the multiplication of the parasite by 50 percent by blocking puberty.

The composition is effective in the fight against malaria soups varied, so long as scientists do not know exactly which ingredients may be useful. They have to determine in future studies and tested in clinical trials.

Earlier it was reported that an international group of scientists found that the people’s faith in the supernatural, including the devil and evil spirits, could help in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases.

Of malaria is a protozoa genus Plasmodium, and the disease is spread through mosquitoes. In the year the infection kills up to 400 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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