The health Ministry commented on the dismissal who saved hundreds of children transplant


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All children who need kidney transplantation or liver, will receive treatment at the National medical research center of children’s health (SMRC ZD) in full. About the Agency RIA Novosti reported the press service of the Ministry of health.

The Ministry commented on the dismissal of SMRC ZD Russia’s only physician transplant surgeon Michael Kabaka, who conducted a kidney transplant infants weighing less than ten pounds, and his colleague Hope Babenko. It noted that CABAC worked at the center for a quarter rate. According to the Ministry, during the operation the surgeon conducted the surgery 21.

Earlier in the SMRC ZD also denied the information about the cancellation of transplants for children weighing up to six kilograms. Dismissal Kabaka and his colleagues Babenko in the hospital tied to the fact that both surgeons worked there for a quarter rate, but the leadership of the organization decided to hire the employee full time, in connection with which “the presence of foreign workers was inappropriate”.

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that SMRC ZD about 40 patients weighing up to six pounds was left without transplants because of the claims used by doctors the drug. The Agency Director Andrey Fisenko knew about the scheme, but, according to Kabaka, he allegedly called the chief of the Ministry of health transplant surgeon Sergei Gautier and stated that it is impossible to use these drugs. After this, resigned the chief of Department of transplantation Anatoly Priest.

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