The mother suspected her young daughter into prostitution and asked advice network



The lady Reddit said that he had noticed in the behavior of 20-year-old daughter’s oddities, which suspects her of involvement in prostitution. In the comments, many felt that the concerns of the 41-year-old women is justified.

She noted that she lives not very far from her own apartment. “I’ve seen her out at the bar with a man much older than her, probably more than 50 years. He embraced her, she rested her head on his shoulder. They moved closer for a kiss,” said the user. According to the woman, at the time the special values that it did not pay.

However, after that the lady learned from her ex-husband staying in another place in the country that have seen their daughter outside. “She lives near here, why she had to stay in a Motel?” — asked the mother. She remembered about the third situation, after which there were suspicions.

“We went with a friend to a bar, and there I unexpectedly met the daughter. The guy she was, I would have given years 29-30. But he was such a nasty, kinky kind. My daughter is very attractive, but he was totally unappealing, the complete opposite” she said. Mother said that they saw each other, did not communicate — it was noticeable how the discomfort she experienced.

The woman said that he plans to ask the daughter directly if she prostitution. According to her, these suspicions are connected with the fact that the girls happen financial problems because of low-wage jobs. In the comments, many felt that it was the right move. Thus, users are advised her not to push excessively in the conversation. Wearer stepdadjenkins noted that her daughter is not necessarily recognized, even if it is true. According to her, not all girls are willing to honestly say about it.

Earlier, the Reddit user recounted how he compared his 24-year-old girl with escortsite because of its elegant appearance. 32-year-old man explained that it felt awkward, however, beloved his words upset.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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