The owners of abandoned dog was a life saver


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In Australia a dog named Bear (Bear) makes victims of fire koalas. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

A cross between a border collie and coolies sent in the burnt areas of the States of New South Wales and Queensland. This week he scoured the locality Kuroba, County of Noosa. A dog trained to locate koalas smell and to alert the group of rescuers. Because the dog has to work in harsh conditions, his feet are protected by shoes.

14 Nov international Fund for animal welfare published in the official Facebook group pictures of Bear in the burnt forest. “The dog with the representatives of the organization for Conservation Detection Dogs, joined the rescue group Queensland. In the East of Australia raging mass fires. They destroy the habitat of koalas, and claim hundreds of lives not only koalas, but other animals,” they signed the pictures.

Foundation staff emphasized that the Bear performed a critical function determines the location of the surviving koalas. “In the area until he found nobody, but we hope that we will be able to find koalas on another site”, they added.

According to the publication, the previous owners refused to Bear, because he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and loves to play. It sheltered the representatives of the University of the sunshine coast and trained to look for koalas. “Now the salvation koalas — our priority”, — said the employee of the International Fund for animal welfare Charred Josie (Josey Sharrad).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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