The paintings by Gauguin reinterpreted for sex with 13-year-old titanime


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In the descriptions of the paintings of French painter Paul Gauguin at exhibitions in Europe and America began to mention the details of his stay in Tahiti, where he had sex with 13 and 14-year-old girls, took them married and had children by them. This writes The New York Times.

Gauguin went to Tahiti in 1891 and spent the last 12 years of his life. There he wrote the most famous of his paintings, which, in particular, portrayed Nude girls.

It is noted that in the new descriptions of the paintings the curators of the exhibitions began to indicate that “Gauguin is without a doubt exploited his position as a privileged person from the West to get the most from the available to him sexual liberties.”

The founder of the portal about the image of girls in art Ashley Remer believes that the actions of Gauguin as men overshadow his work as an artist. “He was arrogant, overrated, arrogant pedophile, to be honest. If instead of paintings, he took photographs, they would be much more scandalous and we would not have taken it for art,” she said.

“If we are now anything left to tell about Him, it’s about his dirty Affairs”, — explained the curator of the Danish line Clausen Pedersen, has repeatedly staged exhibitions of works of the artist. She noted that with every exhibition of art tell more about the dark side of the life of Gauguin.

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