The Prosecutor turned the little girl into the bait for a pedophile


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In California, the Prosecutor used 13-year-old daughter as bait for a criminal. Writes about this edition of The Mercury News.

In early October the girl told the doctor that while walking with the dog molested her strangers an elderly man in a training suit. Since August, three times he went to her and touched her Breasts and buttocks. The next day the police began an investigation in connection with her complaint.

A month later, the Prosecutor took a picture of an elderly man in a tracksuit near the specified daughter places. She looked at the pictures, and knew the attacker. A few days later he noticed the girl’s mother. She followed him, found out where he lived and reported the address to the police.

The Prosecutor has decided that we should catch him at the time of the crime. To this end, he several times took his daughter to the place where she was molested by a stranger, and then told to walk down the path and hide. They continued to communicate with a mobile phone and the headset in the ear of the girl.

In one of the attempts to the girl again approached by an elderly man in a training suit. He put his arm round her waist, seated on a bench, not allowed to leave and tried to kiss her on the lips. When she flinched, he kissed her head and let go. The Prosecutor removed all it on video and gave the police.

The next day the attacker was arrested. He was charged with sexual acts against a child under 14 and unlawful imprisonment.

76-year-old suspect admitted that he put a hand on the girls waist and kissed her hand and head, but argues that the touching of Breasts and buttocks was an accident. He noticed that does not remember their meeting because of Alzheimer’s disease.

Colleagues and police officers condemned the unauthorized actions of the Prosecutor, which could pose a danger to the child and jeopardize the official investigation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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