A tourist took a walk around the crater of the volcano and got burned 165-degree steam


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A British tourist suffered burns of first and second degree after a trip to the volcano of Nisyros on the homonymous Greek island in the Aegean sea. This writes The Sun.

22-year-old Thomas Grandon (Thomas Bak) together with the girlfriend went on an excursion to one of the craters. During the walk a man stepped foot on the frozen surface and burned escaped from under her steam, the temperature of which was 165 degrees Celsius.

“I screamed in pain. (…) I cried, my girlfriend cried too. My leg was burned from the knee to the toes” — said Grandon and said that at that time were shod in Slippers. He also stressed that it is not to blame for the incident as the “safe” location recommended to visit a travel company, but the scene lacked any fencing and signage.

As a result, the traveller returning to the UK took five days of special treatment. It is noted that the last time Nisyros was active in 1888 at the Central crater was a gas release. However, since 1996 volcano has increased markedly.

Earlier in July, tourists from the United States captured the eruption of the volcano, located on the Italian island of Stromboli in the Tyrrhenian sea. It intensified at 16:30 local time on 3 July. The eruption frightened the travelers, who first heard an explosion, then saw the ashes and the many falling rocks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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