“E” wanted to return to the Moscow metro


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The letter “e” must be used in writing the names of Moscow metro stations. This opinion was expressed by the Duma Deputy, rector of the State Institute of Russian language named after Alexander Pushkin Margarita Rusetskaya, reports the news Agency “Moscow”.

Rusetskaya plans to send guidance to metro asking them to return the letter. “There was a kind of tradition that the letter “e” (the names of the stations — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) not indicated, — the Deputy noted. But this causes difficulties, for example, the foreigners studying Russian language, the tourists, and sometimes leads to a distortion of the historical name”.

The expert reminded that the metro station “Planernaya” without the letter “e” turned into a “Glider”, and now almost nobody remembers the correct name. “The letter “e” should be registered in the names if there is a historical name. Of course, the replacement plates was a gradual process, not a one-off, but the new plates should initially be created properly”, — summed up Rusetskaya.

The letter “e” appeared in the Russian alphabet at the end of the XVIII century. According to one version, on the necessity of the appearance of the letters or sound of “yo” in 1783, insisted the Director of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Princess Ekaterina Dashkova. In modern speech the use of letters is considered optional.

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