From the Israeli airstrike on Damascus killed a civilian


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Omar Sanadiki / Reuters

At least two civilians were killed and several were wounded in the missile attack of Israel to the Syrian capital Damascus. This is with reference to the local media reports Reuters.

The Agency sources explain that the Syrian air defense succeeded in destroying most of the missiles but some of them managed to reach the goal.

As reported by The Times of Israel, the pilots managed to hit “a few dozen” goals belonging to the Iranian forces and the Syrian regime. Among them rocket launchers, arms depots, command centers and bases. The Israeli army attacked Syria provided by Russia’s missile systems s-300, as with them could be Russian soldiers.

The publication notes that the loss of civilian lives could have fallen on residential areas of missiles fired by the Syrians.

That the missile strike on Damascus is Israel, previously reported on November 20. Missiles produced fighters raised over the Golan heights.

On 16 October Israeli aircraft managed to secretly put a series of air strikes on Iranian facilities in Syria. Previously, on 20 September, it was reported that Russian fighter jets did not allow Israeli planes to attack the suburbs of Damascus. The day before Russia officially allowed the Syrian Arab army to use anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 against Israeli aircraft.

This decision of the Russian command was followed by another of the Israeli F-35 on Syrian territory. By agreement with Moscow, Israel should not resort to such measures, but the Jewish state has repeatedly violated these conditions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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