Men listed the best ways to meet people


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Reddit users told about the best ways to start a conversation with a man. Tips appeared in the thread created by the user under the name sockydapuppet, who asked: “Guys of Reddit, what is a good way for a girl to start a conversation with you?”

Many commentators have noticed that a sure way to have a conversation — to do someone a compliment. “It attracts our attention, we rarely receive compliments, especially from the opposite sex” — shared user Oceanpond. “Some of us get compliments so rarely that I think that any compliment is spoken to us, is a joke,” said konqvav. One of the users also added that especially insecure men from a rare compliment might be paranoid.

The user schright_dwute said that he doesn’t care how the girl will be to meet him. “I don’t care, I’m just lonely,” he concluded. Many men agreed with him. Some noted that there are supporters of the “classics” and happily responds, “hi, how are you?” A number of commentators have suggested that it is possible to turn to the stranger for any help, and under this pretext to make the acquaintance.

Few men are advised to use excuses to explore fantasy and humor: for example, to congratulate him that he finally woke up or offer to show his collection of Legos. “She saw me on my first day of work. She started with “BU”, awkwardly stomping down the stairs, hoping to scare me. We got married two months ago,” shared one of the subscribers of the thread of its history.

Earlier men EN masse complained that women don’t know how to make compliments. Many have noticed that the girls cannot wait for the kind words.

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