On Mars, found insects


www.vsyako.netPhoto: NASA / JPL / William romoser project / Ohio University

Entomologist William Romoser (William romoser project) from the Ohio University in the US claims to have discovered on photographs taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, the traces of beings, much like terrestrial insects. However, according to the publication Science Alert, this may be an example of professional pareidolia, when the perception of the researcher sharpened on a finding that he studied for many years.

As stated Romoser on Mars, there are still forms of life similar to arthropods on the Ground and with such anatomical features like wings, shells, antennae and segmented symmetrical body. The entomologist carefully examined the photos, which found structures that strongly stand out against the background of regolith — the loose top layer of Martian soil. Some of them assumed the posture characteristic of moving and flying insect, and even had something resembling eyes.

Once a scientist described a base form, he started to find other pictures such forms are less distinct, but equally valid. Romoser believes that his discovery should be the beginning for new studies that confirm the existence of life on Mars.

According to the author Science Alert, the entomologist became the victim of a common illusion — pareidolia when in random parts of the image show through familiar images, e.g. human faces or animal faces. One of the most famous examples pareidolia is a photo of the “Face on Mars” (“Martian Sphinx”), which arose when the combination of light and shadow and low resolution of the camera that acquired the image. Romoser worked as a Professor of entomology 45 years old and, likely, his brain has learned to easily detect “bug-like” features in the surrounding things.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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