Russia responded Estonia to the call to return to “taken” territory


www.vsyako.netAnton Morozov Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

A member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Anton Morozov has commented on the statement of the speaker of the Estonian Parliament henna of Palwasha that Russia should return to Tallinn allegedly annexed territories. In an interview with RT Russian MP stressed that no annexation from Moscow was not.

In his words, Estonia should build a constructive relationship with Russia. Morozov said that it would be much more profitable for the casino. “Here, no prospects, no such statements,” he said.

As the member of Parliament, the Estonian authorities will eventually understand that non-constructive approach will not bring results, and will build the Russian-Estonian relations on mutually beneficial terms.

November 20 the speaker of the Estonian Parliament, a member of the Conservative peoples party EKRE Henn Billwas on his page in Facebook wrote that Russia should return to Estonia allegedly annexed territories. Thus the politician responded to the words of the Director of the Second European Department the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Belyaev on the invalidity of the Tartu peace Treaty. Billwas noted that Tallinn has no territorial claims to Russia not for one square meter of Russian territory. “We just want our back. Russia annexed about five percent of the territory of Estonia,” wrote Billwas.

Estonia requires recognition on the part of Moscow borders the Baltic republics under the invalid agreement to promote the ratification of the Russian-Estonian border Treaty. According to the Tartu Treaty between Soviet Russia and Estonia of 2 February 1920, this land belonged to Estonia. But after the country became part of the Soviet Union in 1940, these territories withdrew from the Federation. The Russian foreign Ministry repeatedly stated that the Tartu peace Treaty became invalid after the entry of Estonia into the USSR.

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